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Philip Marshall:
For reference, is this the plow train photo you're looking for, Dana? It's in Mead's The Bridgton Narrow Gauge, page 31.

Philip Marshall:
I have a 5x7 print of this one I'd be happy to contribute to your project if you don't already have it.

Dana Deering:
Thank you, both!  Mike, I have a nice copy of that photo of 4.  Philip, yes, that is the photo I was talking about.  And no, I don't have a copy of the second photo which was taken by Hugh Boutelle, I believe, and that is wife standing next to 4.  I'd take you up on the offer of a copy and would pay for any copying expense.

Dana Deering:
The photo of the plow train shows more detail than I've seen in other repros of it.  That's why I am trying to find uncropped copies or the negatives so I can see all of the details in the photographs.  This phot that Philip posted shows the flanger (?) coupled behind 4.  I hadn't seen that in the other copies.

Speaking of BSR plows, I have heard that my mother's cousin has her father's BSR photos and there may be a photo of Plow #1 among them.  I'll be investigating that shortly.

Wayne Laepple:
Speaking of Hugh G. Boutelle, I have been trying for several years to learn what happened to his collection after his passing. He was a pioneer of photographing narrow gauges and obscure short line railroads.


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