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Dana Deering:
Does anyone know what happened to Ed Mead's B&SR photo collection?  Was it donated to some organization and if so, which one?   Or is it still in the family? 

Stephen Lennox:
That would be great to look through.

Wayne Laepple:
Ed Mead's son E. Thorn Mead, is still around and lives in Marblehead, Mass., I believe. I think he had some interest in the Maine Narrow Gauge, so maybe someone there knows how to contact him. He may still have his father's photos. If not, he surely knows where they are.

James Patten:
Thorn Mead died in 2008:  He's survived by his two daughters and a brother.  Edgar Mead's wife Emily died in 2016.

Philip Marshall:
At least some of Mead's books have been dispersed. Several years ago I purchased (online, sight unseen) an old back issue of the R&LHS Bulletin which included an article on the Billerica & Bedford.  When it came in the mail I was amazed to find "Edgar T. Mead North Street Greenwich, Conn." stamped on the cover.


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