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Philip Marshall:
The Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways have posted a video of their 2019 Victorian Vintage Weekend that I think is one of the best FR videos on Youtube I've ever seen. It includes a cab ride on Blanche as well as various vintage consists pulled by Prince, Palmerston, Taliesin, Merddin Emrys, and David Lloyd George, and not one but two gravity trains! The venerable Princess also makes an appearance in a photo lineup at Harbour Station, though not under steam.

Bill Baskerville:
Boy, those Brits are rugged.  They operate their locomotives without the benefit of gloves.

James Patten:
Or cab roofs, in some cases.

Roger Cole:
Great video!  A few obvious differences between Welsh & USA two-footers.

FRR runs it's trains at higher speeds (I would guess 30mph).
The Welsh engines have lots of polished brass "jewelry".
The engines are built for fresh-air enthusiasts.  Of course, they don't have Maine style winters.
Safety - I'm surprised they allow individuals to ride on the top edge of the slate cars (no OHSA).
The double Fairlie has two fireboxes to feed from the side
They use "tokens" for dispatching trains
All the engines are painted (rarely black) and spotlessly kept clean
They don't use knuckle couplers and I don't remember seeing spring buffers as on UK standard gauge

Bob Holmes:
And the track is maintained to the highest level.  It also looks like the rail is substantial.  Does anyone know how heavy?


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