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Mike Fox:
Today, the Mrs had previously declared I was not going to be available to go to the WW&F if I wanted to, because it was her day. Her annual age advancement day is close, and she wanted to spend it with me. She wanted to go for a ride and see some foliage..

Found some.

President Sharon Barber brings the Wes Spear #4 into Sanders Station for the 1pm train.

A considerable amount of track work has taken place this year. The main line (right) has been moved slightly to get to the original alaignment.

Looking south from the train.

Car Barn progress, being constructed across from the roundhouse. I heard them say they are using 40 poles to build this, with the corners set in cement. I am unsure if the rest will be.

Joe Fox:
They have been making tremendous progress up there this year. Thanks for sharing.

Steve Klare:

Your spin on your wife's day has my admiration. When it's MY wife's day it usually involves me seated on a couch having conversation with some really uninteresting people!

-although I guess the three of us in Sheepscot this Annual Picnic just may count as MY day!

I like your pictures! When I was about 25 my friend and I camped a week at Phillips just before Old Home Days: tented next to the north abutment of the covered bridge. We earned our keep by helping them to paint caboose 556 and Ariel's boiler.

We used to go there twice a year and have a lot of great memories!   

Mike Fox:
I have figured out that talk is cheap. A picture with a brief description tells the story much better.

Bill Sample:
Thanks for the report and photos Mike.  It's time for Sue and me to go up there again - maybe for Old Home Days next summer unless Sue has a college reunion (UM Farmington) coming up.  Hey I'll be retired and MAYBE have some time for more than one trip.


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