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Bridgton and Saco River Railroad existing equipment Roster.

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Skyler Kimball:
If there is anything missing, changed or wrong, please let me know!

New revised link added to replace old, slightly inaccurate Roster.

Mike Fox:
Very nice list Skyler.

Maine Locomotive and Machine now own boxcars 50 and 51.

56 was given to the WW&F to restore. Currently in our parking lot.

The Flanger is also on the list to be restored at the WW&F. We worked out an arrangement to restore it and use it. It is still owned by MNGRR.

Baggage car #11 is back at Boothbay after spending a couple of years at the WW&F. That is in the process of being converted back to a baggage car.

I think that is all for now,

Skyler Kimball:
One thing I am not sure of is which is the second boxcar being traded for flatcar 34?

This post mentions a second boxcar to be brought,3299.msg38889.html#msg38889

Since Boxcar 50 is owned by Maine Locomotive and Machine, which is this other boxcar, and since flatcar is being traded away, what is the large Bridgton tank going to be placed on. Earlier posts mention flatcar 34.

Philip Marshall:
I believe boxcar 50 was traded to ML&M for flatcar 34. The exchange happened last year.

Mike Fox:
Phillip is correct.


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