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Bridgton"s Third Coach at the WW&F?

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James Patten:
I had thought that the Elthea wreckage was acquired by the SR&RL group.

Dave Crow:
Years ago, I had made a copy of data tables that had been on the old Friends of Edaville website; it had the following statement about B&SR 17: "destroyed by fire 1985 at Edaville, hardware recovered to restore #17 at SR&RL Museum".

Dave Crow

Wayne Laepple:
There were several fires at Edaville over the years. Were they from overheated stoves, arson, or what?

Ken Berlo:
The hulks of B&SR 17 and an Edaville flat w/ platforms, which was loaded on top of 17, went to Phillips about the mid'90's. I have no idea why.  They were in very bad shape when they showed up.  7-8 years of soggy pine needle build up really took it's toll on the wood. 17 was missing everything above the belt rail.
Late "90's the trucks were salvalged from the hulks and put under SR&RL coach 6. The car was so bad it literally fell apart as we jacked it up. 
4 steel end platforms and 2 cars worth of truss rods were put behind the roundhouse.

Philip Marshall:
The fire that destroyed B&SR coach 17 at Edaville in 1985 was arson, sadly.

The last I've heard, the trucks are still under SR&RL coach 18 (SRRR 6), not SR&RL 17 (SRRR 5), though maybe that's changed since 17/5 was restored.

SR&RL coaches 17 and 18 were never at Edaville, and I don't think they've ever even left Franklin County since they were built, which is remarkable.


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