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Bridgton"s Third Coach at the WW&F?

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Skyler Kimball:
I was doing some research at the large amount of inventory at the WW&F due to many things coming over from the Maine Narrow Gauge Museum than I had not seen before.

I saw a photo of flatcar 14 on top of Flatcar 205, and I had not realized that 205 had been restored.

Last year I had created a roster of the remaining Bridgton and Saco River Railroad equipment, and I had discovered that flatcar 205 was actually coach 17 of Bridgton, later renamed Elthea at Edaville.

I heared It had burned, and later was turned into possibly an excursion car, and later a flatcar. From the WW&F's work on this car, was there any evidence of this car once being a coach? The original length of coach 17 was 42 ft, 6in long.

Skyler Kimball:
here is a photo when it was at Edaville.

Mike Fox:
Wow Skyler. What a great bit of information. I had looked, but found no real connection between 205 and any Bridgton car.

205 had been modified to a shortened excursion car. It had end platforms on it when it arrived at the WW&F, and our guys removed them, and installed new end beams, and fixed some deck boards.

All diagonal flooring had already been replaced, it this was a coach, long before it arrived at Maine Narrow Gauge.

If you look for pictures in the Spring Work Weekend thread, you will see what was done to the car.

Jeff Schumaker:
That is an interesting piece of history that I was not aware of.

Jeff S.

Skyler Kimball:
So, probably this was not originally coach, due to build and size. Unless, as you said Mike that it was significantly altered before it was even brought to Maine.

There were some rumors that parts of coach 17 were helped to make SR&RL Coach #17, but I am not sure if that information is true either. I believe Edaville had both, and they were both lettered 17, and some information on the burned Bridgton Coach and the other 17 coach got mixed together.

But I did see on some older roster of Maine Narrow Gauge stuff and it something about 205 being coach 17, but again, maybe information could have been not true. I made this roster a year or so ago.


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