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Swedish two-footer

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Wayne Laepple:
The driver's on the footplate, where he belongs.

Jeff Schumaker:
Another good one, Wayne.

Jeff S.

Hello Wayne! Thanks  for posting this interesting link.You can find that kind of steam locomotive on many a tourist RR in Europe. 2500 were built in Germany for the use  of the army during WW1. They were powerfull and able to run on rough and ready tracks as long the width between the two rails was correct because of their narrow wheel tread. In fact during the war they often used short prefab pannels of track so there were no probs with the gauge. We have two of them on the AMTP in Pithiviers. One is in the museum and the other MTP  # 4 is up and running. Easy to drive but kind of tough to stoke up because of their  small grate and long boiler. May be you have caught it , the one on the video has a hose rolled up around the sand dome, it was used to pump water from a river or a pond along the track through a steam pump to refill the locomotive  water tanks. This one has a steam break ours have a hand breack on the fireman side, which is not very practical.

 As I shared the You Tube link on my fb an AMTP volunteer just brought up there is only 100 Brigade Loks or DFB left in the world.

Carl G. Soderstrom:
Brandbevakning  =  fire Security

jernvagscafe  = Railway Cafe

Tåg till Gimarp = Train to Gimarp

Thanks for posting


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