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Barnard's station

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Jeff Schumaker:
While looking through old issues of The Bridgton News, I came across the mention of Barnard's station on the B&SRRR. Where would that have been located?

Jeff S.

Mike Fox:
That is a new one to me Jeff. When was it mentioned?

Jeff Schumaker:
It was July 22, 1898, in regards to rerouting a road to connect with the new road between Barnard's station and South Bridgton. I also came across a report in the April 22, 1898 issue regarding minor vandalism at the Ingalls road depot.

Jeff S

Jeff Schumaker:
Came across the following article in the July 9th, 1897, edition of the Bridgton News.

Mike Fox:
I wonder if it was the original name for Ingalls..


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