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B&SR Combination Number 25
« on: December 21, 2008, 07:16:16 PM »
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Steve Klare wrote:
What is the status of B&SR combination number 25?
At the time Linwood Moody wrote "the Maine Two Footers", she was the Mayfair Diner in Bridgton.

Bruce Wilson replied:
This car was lost in 1998 when the property it had occupied was sold and no group could be found that was interested in her preservation.
I measured and photographed the remains and contacted a few of the groups that I had contacts in and who I thought might be able to handle such a job. Sadly, no one was interested and the car was junked.
At the time of the cars destruction, there was much that could be reused and that patterns could be made from.
In hindsight, I would have taken the car myself and put it on my own least keeping it intact and covered for the future.
It is a frustration that I bear to this day, the loss of that car.

Glenn Christensen replied:
Hi Steve,
The combine went from diner service to a summer camp in Harrison, where it sat as a club building for an number of years.  During that time the passenger end and one side were removed so the building it formed the base of could be expanded.  Eventually Bob Werner spearheaded a donation drive to purchase the remains and have them moved to Edaville, where it could be rebuilt.  The car body was moved to Edaville but sat untouched for well over a decade (maybe two) until the remains were moved to the Edaville junk yard.  The above I know personally to be true.
The remainder is what I have been told ... When the original Edaville closed, I am told that a number of people approached George Bartholomew about acquiring the remains.  He in turn set an asking price of $500.  No one was able or willing to pay that amount and my understanding is that Mr. Bartholomew had the remains cut up with a chain saw.
Any corrections would be appreciated.

Bruce Wilson replied:
To add to what Glenn has stated, George Bartholomew had to remove the remains of no. 25 from Edaville property following the unsuccessful bid by South Carver Rail to gain an Edaville operating contract with Ellis Atwood's heirs (David & Roy Eldredge). South Carver Rail contacted George on behalf of those interested in seeing no. 25 preserved (myself among them) and asked if George might agree to temporarily store the coach on nearby residential property owned by George but on the market for sale. George agreed to do so, the coach was moved largely intact and attempts were made to find a museum group or historical society that would take on the job.
When no home could be found for the car, the remains were loaded into demolition material dumpsters and hauled away.
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