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SR&RL tenders still kicking around?

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Brian Strait:
I remember reading that one or two of the sandy river’s tenders were still around somewhere. I seem to remember it being up at the Phillips museum, Unfornatult I can’t find that article again. Any one know if this is true?

Philip Marshall:
Not just one or two, but three: the tender tanks from SR&RL engines 16, 18, and 20 survive and are on display in Phillips. The tanks for 16 and 18 were found buried under fill in the Phillips yard and were identified by comparing their dimensions to the Baldwin specs and photos. (These two engines are often assumed to have been identical, but there were actually some small differences between them.) How 20's tank survived I don't know, but it was also somehow missed by the scrappers.

Brian Strait:
Oh sweet!  I can’t seem to find anything online about them, know of any articles or pictures?

Philip Marshall:
Here is a photo I took of No. 20's tank in 2014.

Philip Marshall:
Here is No. 16:


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