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my 2008 Annual Picnic/Photo Freight pictures


Matthew Malkiewicz:
My first time to the W.W. & F., I will definitely be back. Plenty of rain, great lobster, and some of the nicest people associated with a railroad anywhere.

Jason: Thank you for giving me permission to roam with my camera. Awesome job with the Photo Freight runs.

Stewart: Beautiful flat bed truck, and thank you for the locomotive lantern, and especially the tour of Alice's Room.

Steve Hussar: Thank you for assisting with the Photo runs, great locations and scenes.

Many thanks to all others also.

Matthew Malkiewicz from New Jersey

Joe Fox:
Thanks for the pics. I miss not seeing steam, but even more, I miss the museum.


Mike Fox:
 If you think that was something, show up for a work weekend and watch (and help) the railroad grow. It's a great time and guarantee you won't forget it.

Bill Sample:
Great photos, Matt.  You successfully captured the look of a working 2 footer back in the day!

Steve Klare:
The way my vacation worked out I couldn't get to the annual picnic, but about two weeks before we were camped up near Rumford and finished up with a weekend on the coast, including an afternoon at WW&F. It was the first time I'd been there since 2004.

The thing that that was different this time than the others is with Alna Center now operating there was more of a feeling of being on a train headed someplace than just "going for a ride". I think decades ago traveling on a two foot train would have felt pretty much like what we experienced, other than the equipment and track being in much better repair in 2008!


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