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I found this on Google Maps


Matthew Gustafson:
When I was looking up Edaville Railroad on google maps I noticed that a good portion of the old loop is still there. Has Edaville taken that remaining section down or are they still plan on keeping it for possible expansion?

James Patten:
To my knowledge there's no plan to restore the remainder of the large loop.  A housing development took out part of the loop a while back, and although the Edaville owner at the time promised to put the missing link back, it turned out too much for him with respect to permits etc.  Instead he built a truncated loop, which apparently works quite well for Thomas land, which is what Edaville has become.

Ed Lecuyer:
The track on the east side of the reservoir was not lifted. It was retained in case they wanted to offer an out-and back longer ride (via a wye at the place where the truncated loop veers off. It would also give them access to the land used by King Richard's Faire, for future joint events.

The track through the houses is obviously gone forever, as is the track on the west side of the reservoir.

Matthew Gustafson:
So is that remaining bit of track saved for future used or will it eventually get taken down? Does it have a future with the current Edaville?


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