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Dag Bonnedal:

First, congratulations to all of you at WW&F to all the astonishing achievements of the last year. Pure joy to follow!

Some updates from a collogue on the other side of "the pond".
Updated blog with photos from the End of Season Gala, Track work, Day of young members, Youth camp etc., with summaries in English:

Some really good photos from one of our long time supporters Tommi:

For those who don't know us, some basics:Östra_Södermanlands_Järnväg


Mike the Choochoo Nix:
Very Nice, I like the Volvo rail car and am glad to hear you have so many young members.
Mike Nix

Steve Smith:
Thank you so very much for this excellent information, Dag! Makes me wish I could hop a plane for Sweden tomorrow, to see it all. And the steamboat is icing on the cake!

Dag Bonnedal:

Thanks for kind comments.

The Volvo is a true gem with original transmission; inline, flathead 6 cylinder gas engine (just the sound of it!), non-sync gearbox and all mechanical pedal brake operating double balanced brake blocks on each wheel (takes mm precision to adjust).

But its origin is not 600 mm gauge. Built for carrying Sunday mail bags and very few passengers (no mixed trains running on Sundays) on the 802 mm (31.6") Hällefors Fredriksbergs Järnväg. I still think it fits well into the historical scenario we try to create, as three out of the seven public carrier 600 mm gauge railways in Sweden had similar solutions with rail cars/buses built using highway vehicle parts. (Similarities between Maine and Sweden are obvious.)
It was beautifully restored in the 1980-ties, very complicated work to fix the rotten woodwork and rusted plates in the curved rear of the car body.

Mariefred is a more than nice place to be with its old 18/19:th century centre and the old castle. We have a close cooperation with the steamer s/s Mariefred, a unique ship as it has operated between Stockholm and Mariefred every year since it was built in 1903!

Dag Bonnedal:

Too long since I posted any news from Mariefred, Sweden.
A few weeks ago we had our traditional End of Season Gala with four locos in steam and a very special guest from our colleagues in Ohs Bruk.
Please find some photos with summaries in English at:
Click any photo for large format.

You may also follow what has happened over the last few years, including the big job overhauling our flagship No. 4 K.M.Nelsson.

Right now we are building the access tracks for our new dry storage shed in Läggesta, 800 ft tracks of indoor storage with dehumidifier.
Hopefully we will be able to finish the job this weekend.
When this is done we will have a total of 800 yards of indoor track, much needed for our approx. 100 restored vehicles.

I check in on this forum and your FB-site several times a week. Just love to follow all the amazing work you are doing. Keep it up!



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