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Nat'l Narrow Gauge Convention
« on: December 21, 2008, 07:03:41 PM »
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Bruce Wilson wrote:
Following last Saturday's meeting of the Two Foot Gage museums in Portland and our discussion of the upcoming National Narrow Gauge Convention, I have written to Carl and Phil with all the details given to us by George Barrett at the meeting. I have suggested to Carl and Phil that the Albion Historical Society prepare a promotional flyer about the depot restoration project for handout at the convention. Another suggestion was that A.H.S. members plan to keep the site open and staffed during the period of the convention.

I have asked Carl to purchase more crushed stone in order that the balance of the main and the siding be ballasted this summer.

I will not be able to be in Albion during the convention as I have offered to run the "Bay One Cafe" at Sheepscot Station.

James Patten replied:
Perhaps if a table has not been made available to the AHS at the convention, maybe they can double up at our tables.  Just an idea.

Bruce Wilson replied:
Thanks for the offer James, that's a great idea. I still have a few of the W.W. & F. Ry. aprons and Albion on the Narrow Gauge books for sale also. I can put everything into a small box if a W.W. & F. Ry. Museum member wouldn't mind taking it to the convention and putting it out on the table.

John B. has offered to put in some time at the Bay One Cafe during the convention as well, so we should be able to keep hungry visitors to Sheepscot satisfied...

If Carl gets a load of stone for Albion, I'll post when I'm going to go to spread it if any reader here has a few hours to come over to help. Remember that the Albion station site is tick-free, no mosquitos or black flies and it is nearly always sunny and cool, even when other narrow gage museums are hot and humid:)
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