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News from the L&B's coach assembly line


Wayne Laepple:
The folks at the Lynton & Barnstable's off-site carriage works are starting to build their next coach. Here's some photos:

Alex Harvilchuck:
I do like the modular construction methods! Extremely cool.

Chris Dadson:
Construction of the carriage referred to in the opening post above has now been completed. The following images were released today.....

The completed Carriage No.5 loaded on the road transporter outside the Carriage & Wagon Works ready for the 250 mile journey to Woody Bay station in south-west England.

The 1st Class 'non-smoking' compartment as it originally was pre-1935.

And here is the 1st Class 'smoking' compartment.

Mike Fox:
Wow! First class work..

Wayne Laepple:
Our forces will be doing the same sort of work, the same quality of work, in the months to come. Coach No. 9 will rise soon!


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