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Ted Miles:
I see in the Annual Fund Drive that a couple of more box cars are going to come to the WW&F Railway Museum. With the #67 mostly restored and the #40 flanger on the property; it seems that the WW&F Railway is going to have quite a bit of B&SR equipment. And don't forget that one of the B&SR tanks is also in Alna.

I would like to hear the numbers of the box cars and what they are going to be used for.

Ted Miles, WW&F Member

James Patten:
I believe the numbers are 50 and 51, but someone more knowledgeable than me will need to verify.

One boxcar is toast.  It will become donor parts for 67 grab irons, and the trucks (and any good sills) will become the basis for a flatcar to haul a restored tank on.

The other boxcar will probably be restored to like-new condition.

There's no time frame on any of this.  It could happen next year or in 5 years.  We have a lot of things on our plate to take care of first.

Mike Fox:
One is 50, the other is not 51, but I believe 56, according to my photos I took this spring. Those were the two in the yard that looked like they needed the most help.

John Kokas:
Personally, I'd like to see more restored boxcars for the following reasons: (1) Freight train makeup for photo charters and other special events; (2) Extra storage space for parts and materials that need a home rather than shop floors or other clutter areas; (3) Eventually eliminates need for storage containers on site.

As far as the B&SR tank, I would rather see a new flatcar body constructed and put under the tank.  Realize that the one boxcar is really in bad shape, but I'd rather save a bonafide historical piece than have a replica.  Not to mention, I believe restoration and preservation is part of our Museum's Charter.

Joe Fox:
All of the wood is bad on of the cars. So regardless of how you look at it, rather it is built now or later it will have original hardware, but all new wood. Currently we do not need a fourth box car, so the parts not used for the flat/tank car will be saved for future use should we need a fourth box car in the longer term.


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