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MNG attends Gray Town Meeting 8/7/18

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Joe Fox:
Maine Narrow Gauge attended the Town of Gray's town meeting tonight, and set fourth a wonderfull presentation. Their presentation followed the MDOT presentation, and in my mind was even a little more professional as they showed everyone a presentation and site proposal. Job well done to all who made it happen, and put together such a fantastic presentation. I attended tonight on an unofficial state just to show support. Such a great group of volunteers, and I look forward to our continued support amongst the other groups.

Paul Uhland:
I'm surprised that a statewide association of Maine ng railroads does not already exist, providing a stronger public image, shared support and more useful communication for the benefit of each road.

James Patten:
Paul, it would be nice if there was.  It's something I tried to promote a few times, but with no long term success.  Something like The Great Little Trains of Wales organization.

It needs somebody to shepherd the process, probably it would end up being its own non-profit along with a board /etc.  It's not anything I have the time to pursue.

James Patten:
An article of sorts on the Gray Town Website, posted today:

John McNamara:
Nice roadbed around 00:15 on the MNG video. ;)


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