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GoFundMe launched for Cars 12 and 19


Bill Piche:
As some of you probably already knew, the big wind storms late last fall were not kind to part of our collection.

Combine 12 (the regular wheelchair and power car) had a portion of the roof damaged and spent Polar Express with a "reindeer landing pad" covering up the hole.

SR&RL coach 19 fared worse with more extensive damage to the full length of the roof. The majority of the top layer was ripped off and there was damage to the wood boards underneath as well.

12 is nearly complete and will be better than before, with a steel sheet for a top layer as opposed to the tar paper layer that it had previously.

The damage to 12 was partially covered by our insurance on the cars but we need your support to help defray the rest of the costs for 12's top layer of steel sheet and 19's complete roof repair.

Anything that you can give would be appreciated. Even a signal boost on your preferred social media platform would be most welcome.

John McNamara:
Hi Bill,
According to the GoFundMe page, I beat you to the donation box by three hours. ;D
A truly worthy cause!
-John M

Bill Baskerville:
Bill and John,

Thanks for the heads up.  I just went to the site and spread a little joy.

Good luck and keep up the good work.



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