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Ted Miles:
Building a shed or car barn at Phillips was mentioned down below. A barn is one of the better things a railroad museum can do!

Does anyone have any recent news about it!

Ted Miles, WW&F Member

Ted Miles:
        Here is a reply to my own question.

The frame is up at long last on the Car Barn. As I said above, a Car Barn is the best thing a railroad museum can do to preserve the collection of passenger and freight cars.  Ted Miles, WW&F Member

Tom Casper:
They have been posting pics on FaceBook of the progress.

Tom C.

Ted Miles:
        I saw some of those pictures on Facebook. I think it is great that a crew from the WW&F traveled up to the Sandy River Museum to help lay track and get some more of their cars under cover! Covered storage is the best thing a narrow gauge railroad museum can do for its cars.

Ted Miles, WW&F Member

I fully agree with Ted. In the late 70's AMTP built a carbarn on the shed yard to shelter most of its passenger cars and make up room in the engineshed. Since then the engineshed has been packed solid again. Hey don't you think the AMTP carbarn looks like  a bit  a just completed building in AC.


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