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Mike Fox:
Took a few minutes today and walked in to the trestle, or what is left of it. I have been concerned about this since the town allowed creation of a trail system through the area. These pictures show what is left. I will have to go through my older photos to see what is missing now, compared to a few (10?) Years ago when I was there last.

Looking toward where the old mill would have been, other side of the brook.

Mike Fox:
Some that Duncan took almost 15 years ago..

Joe Fox:
It is unfortunate that it wasn't preserved.

Bob Holmes:
Mike, please give us uninitiated some context.  What, where and when...

I'm guessing B&SR based on a photo label, but that's all i know.



Mike Fox:
This trestle was built to serve the Pondicherry Mill in Bridgton, Maine. This mill was one of several on Stevens Brook, and the only one with the coal trestle. With the arrival of the Railroad in the late 1800's, the mill switched from water power to coal. This trestle was built to unload the coal.


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