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Museum Guide
« on: December 18, 2008, 10:48:29 PM »
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Wayne Laepple wrote:
I just received a copy of the Museum Guide as produced by Bill Reidy, and I want to take this opportunity to deliver kudoes to Bill for a fine job well done. It's really difficult to condense so much vital information into just seven pages while still making it meaningful to visitors, but Bill has done so.  This is a much-needed addition to the museum.

Joe Fox replied:
Hi Wayne,

The museum guide is great, however, I still think it would be good if we could have somebody giving out yard tours to the public. I have given out a lot of yard tours, however, all of mine are rushed because if I am in the yard, usually that means I am with the train crew, so you have to rush through everything between trains. I have also had several complements from people saying that they like the guided tours in person with a crew member, so that they can explain in more detail about some of the historic significance of the rolling stock, and the railroad itself. The museum guide is good I think, so that when and if somebody gets a guided tour, that they can go home and tell other people what they learned, and also what their guide said. Bill, keep up the good work on those guides. Like Wayne said, those are a big thing that the passengers talk about after and during the train ride.


Stephen Hussar replied:
Hey Bill, I second the MAJOR kudos on the guide! I only just saw it for the first time this week when it came in the mail. It's terrific!!!

Will there be any way that weekday visitors can take one when there is no one around at the museum?

James Patten replied:
Will there be any way that weekday visitors can take one when there is no one around at the museum?

Well, the long range plan calls for the construction of some sort of information kiosk in view of the road.  This is one of the things the kiosk could have, in addition to brochures and maybe an older newsletter or two.

So far nobody has taken on the task of building it.  I'm confident that we have the lumber to do it underneath the freight shed.

Stewart Rhine replied:
Bill,  As I have said in previous emails - great job.  It looks even better in person than the graphics you sent me.

Joe,  You are right about the yard tours.  I have had the same experience.  I spend 3 to 4 weeks at the railroad each year.  It is amazing how many visitors show up during the week.   Some days I get no work done (which is fine with me!) because I stop to greet them.  I have met people from Germany, France, England, Holland and many parts of the US.  I have even met the track foreman of the Sumpter Valley RR in Oregon.  Most are first time visitors.  Bill's guide is a BIG help!   This nicely done handout will give visitors a better explanation of what they are seeing.  It will also be a good resource when they get home and are looking at the photos they took.

Thanks again for a great job Bill!

p.s. I guess I 'll have to update the map


Bill Reidy replied:
Thanks guys for the kind words about the museum guide.  Allan, James, Jason and others who reviewed the early drafts made many corrections and suggestions that really helped shape the final product.  I was very grateful to have Stewart's yard map and James' circa 1910 railway map, as the illustrations are the most difficult part to produce but are needed to tell the whole story.

Yes, Stewart, we will need an updated yard map for next year!  If nothing else, I expect the guide will need to be updated next year to indicate the new end of track!

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