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Ed Lecuyer:
I know we've lost a number of volunteers and friends over the history of the museum. Ira's death hit home because I think he was the first one that we've lost that I had the pleasure of working and laughing alongside of. (I just never had that blessing with most of the others we've lost over the years.)

At any rate, I have created a new section of the forum "In Memory Of..." for those who want to share stories and remembrances of those we have lost. To protect privacy, this section is in the "Members Only" discussion area. (If you are a museum member, and do not have access, please contact me.)

I've moved Ira's thread there, along with several others that I found with some forum searching. Please feel free to start new threads there for others that are no longer with us. (A big gap is that there is no thread on Harry Percival.)

Also, if you see a thread that should be in that area, let me know and I will move it.



Mike Fox:
Thank you Ed. I value every friendship I have made at the museum. We are a family.


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