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OMG! You can get Moxie in PA......

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John Kokas:
One of the things I really miss from Maine is Moxie soda.  Picked up several cases on the way home from FWW but alas it's almost gone.  I can get it through Amazon or Walmart but the price with shipping was crazy.  So just for grins I googled Moxie and discovered that Moxie is being bottled under license by the Catawissa Bottling Company, Catawissa PA, (just across the Susquehanna from Bloomsburg).  So now I can pick some up on my trips to State College and not feel deprived anymore.  Yippee......... :)

Mike Arnold:
I can go to the local publex here in Florida and get ur as well. Cracker Barrel was the only place I could find it down here.

Wayne Laepple:
The Catawissa Bottling Co. is a step back in time. It's a very small operation owned by several members of the same family, and all their employees are related somehow. The equipment used for bottling is antique, to the point that they have to make their own parts. In addition to bottling Moxie, they also produce Big Ben's sodas, most notably birch beer in a variety of colors. Indeed, during the nation's bicentennial back in 1976, they sold cases of mixed red, white and blue birch beer. Big Ben, by the way, was the grandfather who started the business in 1926 and developed the formula for the birch beer. They've been at it since Prohibition, so they know what they're doing, and unless things have changed recently, if you buy soda by the case, that case is wooden! I think they finally gave up on returnable bottles since most folks apparently couldn't be bothered to return them. The bottling is a sideline for them nowadays; most of their effort is in wholesaling and distributing soda and beer to taverns and other retail outlets.

Bill Baskerville:
Without offense to my Maine friends, there are several things that I can't buy here in Virginia.  Moxie being one of them, Australian Vegemite being another.  I'm not saying that is a bad thing, but one is either raised on it and loves it....... or....... well, that is why I travel North with cases of Cherry Coke or Dr. Pepper.  It's a childhood thing.

Wayne Laepple:
BIll B. -- What? No Cheerwine?


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