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10/25/17 Outage

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James Patten:
Imagine my surprise this morning when the Forum read "Down for Maintenance".  Neither I nor Ed knew anything about it.

After some poking around at lunch today, I figured out how to get the forum back on the air.

Sorry, folks, I don't know how it ended up like this.

Jeff Schumaker:
North Koreans??? :o

Jeff S.

Bill Baskerville:
Those nasty broad gauge gremlins?   :o

Nooooo....... it must have been Natasha and her evil friend Boris >:( trying to put a stop to the northward expansion of those narrow gauge capitalist who clearly work with Bullwinkle :D and that clever squirrel :-\ Rocky.

Alex Harvilchuck:
Could have been done by the Moose Trout.....

Bill Baskerville:
Ahhhh..... Alex......

You could be correct.... that clever Moose Trout could have joined forces with Rocky and Bullwinkle to thwart Natasha and Boris.....

What could that trio be up to?????


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