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Bob cars
« on: September 19, 2017, 11:59:52 AM »
While reading Guy Rtoux's The Next Stop Is Rangeley, I came across the following information.

By July, A.L. Matthews was back on the W.W.F.

"Alexander Matthews of Phillips who has been appointed Superintendent of construction on the Wiscasset Waterville  and Farmington R.R. has lately been in Farmington transferring some rolling stock from the narrow gauge systems to this county for building the line between Wiscasset or Weeks Mills and Waterville."

Some of the cars used by the W.W.F. were described in the following article:

"A. L. Matthews has leased from the Phillips & Rangeley Railroad a number of bob cars and shipped them to Wiscasset, Tuesday. They will be used on the new road."

The "bob cars" referred to, I believe, are the disconnect log bunk cars of the P&R, as there is a nice photo of several of them in the book. Unfortunately, due to Mr. Rioux's erratic documentation, the date of the above articles is not mentioned, nor is the source (newspaper?) that they came from.

Has anyone come across information or photos to back up the above statements?

Jeff S.
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