Author Topic: Weisseritztalbahn line between Freital-Hainsberg and Dippoldiswalde reopens!  (Read 4752 times)

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Hi Guys,

The Weisseritztalbahn, a 41km, steam-powered, 760mm gauge line in Germany reopened a 15km portion of its mainline between Freital-Hainsberg and Dippoldiswalde on 12-13-08. 

The 125 year-old narrow gauge line, was seriously damaged by disasterous flooding during August of 2002.  When the damage was tallied, 24 bridges (some major) and 60 other roadbed-supporting structures were either badly damaged or totally obliterated.  By far, the most badly-damaged portions of the line were between Freital (the standard gauge connection) and Dippoldiswalde.  Since that time, service on only two disconnected sections has been possible.  For a time, it was uncertain whether the line would be reinstated.  Now with Government assistance, a significant portion of the line is back in action.  The remaining section of line between Dippoldiswalde and Kurort-Kipsdorf is due to reopen in 2010.

A nice YouTube video of one of the opening day trains arriving at Malter station and headed by two of the line's massive 2-10-2T locomotives can be found at the attached link.


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the guy blowing the horn should be put out of his misery.. dale reynolds  ;D

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Yes Dale, he is drowning out the real music.
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