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Lubiing the cylinders


I always wondered how steam engines lubricated cylinders and just found out - while onboard the Georgia Agrirama's small Vulcan 0-4-0T - that the engineer has to open up a valve before starting so that it will lube the cylinders. Can anyone tell me how this works?
Jock Ellis
I need to start volunteering at the Agrirama because the elderly engineers will teach you to run the engine and let you haul passengers in the summer when they'd rather be siting in the cool station.

Tom Casper:
There are two ways of lubricating.  1 is a mechanical that pumps oil in. The other is a hydrostatic that uses steam to condense and turn to water.  Oil floats on water and is pushed out by its force to the cylinders.  That is what the valve does. 

Tom C.


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