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May 28 2017 Forum crash, and recovery

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James Patten:
On May 28, Ed Lecuyer informed me that the forum was showing an error of some kind, looked like the forum database software had crashed.

I was unable to recover us from that state.  I tried installing a new version of the forum, but ran into bigger trouble (namely, a blank slate!).

I had our host restore the website to their full backup from Friday night/Saturday morning midnight.  The forum is back in operation, minus any posts from Saturday and Sunday.  I do not plan to try to recover them.

John McNamara:
Many thanks for your efforts! ;)
-A Happy Reader

Bill Sample:
Let me second John's thanks.  I found there was a problem when I tried to get on over the weekend. 

Bob Holmes:
So thankful for the recovery!!!  Bet it was pretty scary for you guys...

Another lesson in why it's so important to back up your own systems EVERY day.  Including your home computer.  If you don't have a backup plan, run -- don't walk -- to get either a backup drive and software (such as Acronis) or a backup cloud solution.


Wayne Laepple:
Thanks, Team. Not the most fun for a Memorial Day weekend. Well done.


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