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Jason M Lamontagne:
Eric and Harold have a thorough handle on the wood species we need.

What I thought was mahogany trim is mostly oak, hence Steve Zuppa's statements.  Actually, Eric verified that.

Since then, Eric has discovered that the window sills are actually mahogany.

Harold has found the only surviving original window and confirmed that it is mahogony.  Doors are oak.

In short- the decorative woods appear to all be oak.  Mahogany was chosen in a couple places where dimensional stability was desired. 

See ya

Harold Downey:
Inside trim is all oak.  Builder photos from archives confirm it was always oak.  The end doors are 100% oak currently, and it is quartersawn with visible rays.   I think it is important to stick with quartersawn oak for new doors, to assure stability -- resistance to warping. 

Most of the current windows are mahogany, or at least a similar tropical wood.  The single original window is also mahogany.  This wood is used for stability in a very tough application, not to match the rest of the oak trim.    At the time this coach was built, even foundry patterns used mahogany.    The window frames are 11/16" thick, not very substantial. 

I am sure mahogany or an equivalent is available at most hardwood suppliers.  I have seen it in Austin.   


Bill Baskerville:

Thanks for the information.

I live in a small community with limited shopping sources unless I go to Richmond about 70 miles away.  However, I have found both Honduras and African Mahogany in several sizes about 20 miles from here, the 'SNGD&WS'.  Do we care which source.  The same sizes are not necessarily available in both sources.

Once I have the dimensions of the necessary lumber I will see what I can round up.  I have been making doors and coach 8 windows out of red oak.  Will that work for the doors on coach 9?


Bill Baskerville:
Harold, Ed,

With apologies for being scattered, I will also need to know if there is any special glass in the clerestory window.  I have been using either 1/8" or 3/16" clear tempered glass for the windows and doors.  I doubt they had tempered glass then, but it may be a good idea to use it now.


John McNamara:
On the subject of clerestory glass, do we know if the WW&F used clear glass, frosted glass, or etched glass?

-John M


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