Author Topic: Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Video (Maine 2 footers) by Mike Massee  (Read 3693 times)

Matthew Malkiewicz

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from Mike Massee:

Here is my video from the WW&F shoot back in January, to go with the earlier pictures.   About 30 minutes of HD two-footer goodness.  The flying cut-off at Alna center is re-created in the same place they used to do it.    Trains would start out of Wiscasset Northbound with the helper, climb up to Alna and then cut off.  They gave us a picture-perfect re-creation of it right on cue.

-Mike – Photography, Model Engineering and more…
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Mike the Choochoo Nix

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Nice video, it was interesting to compare the whistles.
Mike Nix
Mike Nix

Bill Reidy

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Very, very nice, Mike Massee.  Thank you for the video, and to you, Matthew, for letting us know.

The folks who participated in the two Maine Two-Foot Winter weekends have been very generous sharing their photos and videos.  It's been a pleasure to see these as they've been published.

- Bill
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Tom Casper

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the away crowd here in Michigan approve!

Tom C.

Wayne Laepple

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Thumbs up from Pennsylvania!

Carl G. Soderstrom

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Multiple thumbs from MN
Since I am all thumbs that is easier than those great shots.