Author Topic: Boston Globe: "These days, Edaville USA shines"  (Read 8411 times)

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Boston Globe: "These days, Edaville USA shines"
« on: November 12, 2016, 10:10:46 AM »
"As my husband and I got our kids ready to visit Edaville USA last December, I have to admit, I wasn’t enthusiastic. The last time we’d ventured to the Carver-based attraction, six years before, had been a disappointment. We’d paid a hefty sum for a train ride that hobbled precariously along the tracks past a poorly maintained holiday light display that hadn’t been refreshed in decades...

"...Delli Priscolli had a vision to repair the aging park and revive Edaville into a burgeoning modern destination — an ambitious undertaking that has taken years to achieve. On my visit I was astonished to see the transformation of the park. I was struck at once by its cleanliness; the whole place seemed to shine. While before I had felt Edaville was unkempt and withering it has become polished and updated, with a trove of engaging employees eager to help the scores of visitors who walk through the entrance..."

"...Edaville’s revival is refreshing. The park’s heritage is being preserved while being infused with new life, poised to endure for generations. As we left, I felt encouraged and hopeful, just the sentiments we strive to embrace as the holiday season approaches."

Link to the article.
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Re: Boston Globe: "These days, Edaville USA shines"
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2017, 07:08:47 PM »
Edaville USA is now merely a kiddie "fun park", not very different from the old Pleasure Island Park in Wakefield, Mass back in the 1960s. Edaville RAILROAD as we all knew it is gone.  The train ride now is a very short loop. Google Earth photos show the remains of the original track running around the east side of the big reservoir. Beyond that point there now is a big development of up-scale homes.  The original Edaville looked more like Maine than the real Maine locale.  So what was historic is now "Walley World Jr."
  Richard Symmes