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Grant from town of Gray fails

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Joe Fox:

The article does not say how many votes it had one way or the other, just that the operation may be scaled down some. Hopefully things work themselves out for the operation.

Rick Knight:
The vote as of this morning 2757 against, 2078 for. Two comments. Too bad there has never been any real meaningful discussion about the MNG in this forum. IMHO Gray has always been a poor choice. Thankfully the good folks of Gray have shown some common sense.

Joe Fox:
In some respects I do not think they have. There is a JUGE surplus of money in that fund. So now that it got voted down where will the money go?

If I was a tax payer I would be asking some serious questions on how a town ends up with over $700,000 in surplus for a fund that clearly sees little use.

Philip Marshall:

--- Quote from: Rick Knight on November 09, 2016, 09:59:00 AM ---Too bad there has never been any real meaningful discussion about the MNG in this forum.

--- End quote ---

I think a lot of us would agree that MNG is in trouble and are concerned for the future of its collection, but hold back on saying so here because it seems impolite to criticize another museum on such a public forum.

Mike Fox:
Phillip, I don't think it is like that at all. Anyone that is part of that museum that knows anything does not spill the beans. Their normal daily routines are that. Normal. Not much to talk about. Some members do come on here and advertise the special events. But the details being worked out behind closed doors should stay behind closed doors. Just because nothing is being said does not mean nothing is being done.


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