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Interesting find

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Mike Fox:
I have emailed the person about this, hoping to hear back..

Carl G. Soderstrom:

Same issue as in Kevin's post Nov/Dec 1984 NG&SL Gazette
in the 2' section was metion of special church supper by the Bridgton & Harrison Congregational Church
ladies celebrating the RR. A Rev. Ron Albury of Plainfield, NJ brought a door from the Chevy rail car for display.

In a picture of the rail car the the smoke ducts on the engine house are visible near the door end of the building -
just threw that in from another discussion :)

Phil McCall:
Look almost like pony truck wheels from a steam locomotive, and apparently have been under water for a long time. Hiram was on the B&SR (as Mike obviously noted by putting it here), does anyone know of any B&SR stuff that went in the drink?

Mike Fox:
So far I have found that he (or she) discovered it with a metal detector. It was buried in the ground. I have yet to get the location. Looks like in the photo the end of the axle is missing. So am wonering if there was a derailment that was the result of the broken axle or it broke because of the derailment. We haven't agreed on a price yet, as neither of us are sure of it's worth

Ira Schreiber:
The broken end may be symptomatic of a hot box.


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