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Ed Lecuyer:
Hi All,

We are starting to post the approved and accepted notes of the WW&F Board of Directors meetings. These are only available for viewing by museum members who remain in good standing. These will be kept in a "child board" of the Members Only section.

These are being provided so that members "from away" can know what is being discussed by the BOD. However, please be aware that these meeting minutes will contain confidential and/or sensitive information. Please consider this when discussing the meeting topics with other members, etc. Also, if discussing online, please use the "members only" section. Finally, realize that the discussion forum is just that - for discussion; real decisions are made by the Directors at these meetings.

I will be editing out any truly confidential information, such as the names of specific donors.

I hope that this transparency will further strengthen our organization. However, if this becomes an issue, we will have to revert back to the prior method of museum members of accessing BOD meeting notes at the Percival House.




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