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Jeff Schumaker:

What is the history of the 70 ton centercab GE?

Jeff S.

Rick Rowlands:
Built in 1942 for the New York Central as No. 513. Two Cummins diesel engines driving 250 VDC generators.   It was used for switching passenger cars and was equipped with diaphragm buffers.  The NYC got rid of these oddballs and by 1952 had sold the 513 to Cambria Slag Co. It later went to Standard Slag in Youngstown, then to Valley Mould & Iron in Hubbard.  We got it in 2009. 

I love it because its generators are 250 VDC, meaning that I can use it to provide power for some of the 250 VDC steel mill equipment in our collection.

Deepak kumar:
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Rick Rowlands:
A lot is going on in this photo.  What is perhaps the only 24" gauge motorized interlocking in the US is being installed on the passenger lead switch.  The first of three signals for what will be Laughlin Junction is in place in the background. The switch will be radio controlled from the locomotive cab, eliminating the need for having a switchman on duty when we run passenger trains. 

Also on the left is a whistle manifold, which will be put to use at our annual Whistle Blow this Saturday.  58 has plenty of steam for even the largest whistles that can be mounted on the manifold.  After this weekend she will be winterized and put away until the spring. 

If all goes well and I have enough time, I will be building a new tender for 58 and an open air passenger car over the winter.  Both cars will use fully sprung and equalized German trucks (bogies) which will provide for a much better ride than the unsprung Carpenter cars.

Mike Fox:
Nice. Impressive work.


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