Author Topic: Operations have been re-started on the Brazilian Perus Pirapora  (Read 4828 times)

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Hey Guys,
I wanted to report some good news again from Brazil, we are finally running trains again on the Perus Pirapora you have to look on Facebook to see it the best facebook group is the modeling group; NĂșcleo de Ferreomodelismo estrada de ferro Perus-Pirapora. Unfortunately, the other original Facebook group got hijacked by locals for advertising for fitness pills and hairdressers.

Both Steam engines the O&K/Deacuville 0-4-2wt and ALCO 2-4-2ST have been repainted and run, pictures show a new load of ties and some improvement of roof to park a few vehicles under. They are also finally soliciting to organize operation for school groups, a good source of revenue for tourist railroads in Brazil.

Also I've been recently contacted by a man/group from south Brazil that want to restore two of our German steam engines as a symbol of heritage for their German immigrant parents and grandparents. They are currently helping to repair/replace original clutch plates to get our DIEMA diesel "Thor" operating again. It would be really cool if they pick up the Hohenzollern 0-4-0T No.5 & No.6 Krauss 0-6-0WT for restoration over the next years. As always with Brazilians you have to be relaxed and keep your expectations in check but at least they are back to the level they were in 2012, abet with some new people. Their culture just doesn't have the tradition of long term commitment to a cause/project that gets things done like in the US/Germany, they are learning though.

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Re: Operations have been re-started on the Brazilian Perus Pirapora
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2016, 09:12:34 AM »
That's TERRIFIC news Thor!

Much respect and many thanks to those involved.

I look forward to your future reports.

Best Regards,