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Weekend Photos 3-10-07
« on: December 13, 2008, 06:19:21 PM »
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Stephen Hussar wrote:
The new water tank was gently rolled down some stategically placed planks to a spot directly adjacent to the water tower structure...

Always nice to see snow being cleared on a railway...No 52 earning her keep opening the passing track at Alna Center.

Stewart Rhine replied:
Steve,  Great pics.   For those of us who are away ...

Hearing about WW&F action = good.
Seeing WW&F action = GREAT

Thanks for the post!! 

Joe Fox replied:
Thanks for the photos Steve. I was hoping somebody was either taking pictures or shooting videos. Glad you were there. If I had known that we would be plowing out the line, then I would have brought a video camera with me, because I, and many others love to see snow plow videos. Thanks again for the photos Steve.

Ed Lecuyer
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