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Glenn Christensen:
Hi Guys,

Found 2 photos (the first two photos on the linked page) of the good sized, two foot gauge locomotive that was used until 1933 at the C&NW tie plant in Chadron, Nebraska.  The locomotive was briefly owned by one of the groups that was trying to revitalize the Edaville property after the equipment move to MNG occurred.  The locomotive survives to this day at the home of a private NY collector.

Just imagine ... a potential SR&RL #17 perhaps?

Best Regards,

Ed Lecuyer:
Listing on

Glenn Christensen:
Thanks Ed!

Best Regards,

Mike Fox:
That is an older photo, must have been taken 35 years or more ago, by the looks of the cars around it.

Dillon rail enthusiast Trinh:
I never knew the C&NW has a 2-foot gauge privately owned in New York by Stephen Boothroyd.


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