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3' Guage Flat Car For Sale
« on: December 13, 2008, 05:40:01 PM »
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mfrancoeur wrote:
Came across a 3' gauge flat car for sale on the Rail Swap web site.

Dimenision of the car is 7' by 24'.  Price is $3,250. Is this something of interest? Also what is the maximum width of a car that can run on the WW&F?

- Mike

James Patten replied:
Steel or wood?  7 feet wide may be within loading gauge but I'm not sure.  Any information about the trucks (type of wheel, etc)?

If it's steel, we're not interested.

BM1455 replied:
The Maine NG cars werre all generally 6'-2" wide.  7' wide would be too wide for us and it would begin to look strange on our RR.  (The RPO was 7' wide and that was the only one that was like that in Maine)
Also, I will once again raise the issue of the fact that we are getting too far from our mission statement by building/ creating/ buying every neat looking car that we can fit on our rails.  We end up spending too much energy on single-use non prototypical cars.  This end up killing any possible support for prototypical ocars latter on that may be able to be dual use.  In other words, proto tyical cars cost us so much to make that we need to be able to justify them by finding multiple uses.  Yet, they are more of what our museum is suposed to be about.  Every time we build or accept a little steal car that does one thing for us, we make it much harder to ever rebuild something that the RR actually had.  (For example, a boxcar/ air tamper car vs. a metal compressor car)  We need some of these "simple" cars but if we realy plan things out well and don't just jump at whatever comes along because it is available, we could end up with both a useful and a prototypiocal car.

mfrancoeur replied:
Here is the description

Car is 24' long, 7' wide, wood frame with truss rods and hand brakes. Car rides on archbar trucks with 20" diamter wheels. Condition is generally good although spring planks and wooden brake beams on trucks need replacement. Car frame is sound although truss rods need tightening and it needs a new deck. Otherwise complete. Where else can you buy a complete 3' gauge car? Price $3,250 located near Roseville, CA

Mike Fox replied:
Any picture with that? And being that far away brings up another thing. It could be a considerable expense to move the car to Maine we couldn't use or would have to modify greatly when it arrived. Money that could be spent on more urgent projects. Just my opinion.

James Patten replied:
I couldn't recall the width of the RPO/ex open car, and was too lazy to look it up.  7' wide would not make it past our platforms, which are probably 6.5' from the center of track.

Mike F. is right, it would likely end up being quite expensive to move this car.  And then we have to reguage the trucks, likely cut the car down to acceptable size, etc.

I'll speak for everyone on this and say thank you for thinking of us, but we'll have to pass.

mfrancoeur replied:
I realize this is nothing usable to the musuem.  Since Mike Fox asked about photos I thought I would post this for the curious, the car is now listed on ebay with photos and additional details.

Ira Schreiber replied:
If distance was not such a factor, this car would be a great parts source. The axels appear straight and so could be shortened to 24". The same seems to apply to the bolster, as it appears to be a fabrication. Narrowing the car by a foot would not be a big problem if you look at the construction.
I know, it's not protypical.......
Ira Schreiber

o anderson replied:
I just talked to the owner of this flatcar.  He said he moved it down from Oregon in two loads using a large pickup and a 2-axle trailer.  If you wanted to salvage the metal parts off the flatcar body I imagine it could be moved in one load.  He is asking $3,000.  There is no hurry right now to vacate it from the storage area, however the owner is interested in getting rid of it soon.

I would be available to help prep it for shipping if you guys were interested.

It's interesting that he originally bought it to regauge to 2' anyway!

Here is another old Ebay listing.

He says there are other Crown Zellarbach flatcars in existence, however this is the only one for sale right now.  A few may be at the Pacific Coast Railroad near San Luis Obispo.

O. Anderson

John McNamara replied:
I notice that after four bids, the price had only risen to $10.50. That seems quite a bit less than $3,000 - $2989.50 less! Good thing he made it a reserve auction!
Ed Lecuyer
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