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Mike Fox:
Summer is almost over. Looking at my calendar, the next 4 weekends are occupied with various reunions/get togethers. How about trying something closer to fall?

Bill Sample:
Mike, Thanks for posting the photos of the flanger.  Sure is good to see some B&SR/B&HR equipment back in native territory after all these years.
Would it be possible to run a field trip like you did last year after the leaves are down? 

Mike Fox:
That's always a possibility. Dana missed that one. Hope we can get him to join us on this one.

Duncan Mackiewicz:
For those of us who are from away, give a bit of lead time to a trip so we can make plans.  Any idea yet when you'd like to do another?  You mentioned the month of August looks to be a no go.  Some time in September maybe?

Mike Fox:
I talked to Dana this past weekend and he and I thought a mid October would be ok. Not to cold, no bugs and some leaves should be off the trees by then. I will have to get back to you on the dates, as Albion Day and Fall track work weekend are also in that time frame.


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