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Making Videos of the museum
« on: December 13, 2008, 03:41:59 PM »
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Joe Fox wrote:
Has any one thought of, or asked for a popular video making company, such as Mark 1 video to come to the museum and make a video on our restoration progress? Not that the Restoration Stories isn't unpopular or anything, just that I think it would give the museum some more publicity.


Stewart Rhine replied:
Joe, That goes along with our special events like the picnic.  Invite the railfan press and video production companies to the event.  Offering free tickets, cab rides and special freight and passenger trains gives them the incentive to show up.  We then offer to sell their videos on our web site and in our gift shop.

As to Mark One Video, I found out yesterday that Marc Balkin passed away Sunday so I don't know what will happen with his company.  He produced alot of great videos.

Joe Fox replied:
That's to bad. I love watching his videos. Most of my train videos that me and dad have are produced by Mark 1 video.


Josh Botting replied:

Would you have any intrest in doing something like this? or compiling the videos which all of us have taken?
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