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Thoughts on the Newsletter
« on: December 13, 2008, 03:40:21 PM »
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Dave Buczkowski wrote:
I devoured the latest Newsletter last night. Once again, kudos to John McNamara, our Intrepid Editor for a job well done! I note that over 235 members and friends have contributed to the Annual Fundraiser as of October 31, 2006. That's almost a quarter of our members! I think the rate of contribution is extraordinary for an organization such as ours. It's a tribute to the Museum that so many people support what we are doing. They apparently like how we use the money and trust us to keep doing it.
Also of note is Brian Murphy's article. The youth are the future of our Museum so it's great that not only has Brian volunteered enough time that he has not only achieved Brakeman status but is also training for Fireman. He also takes the time to write for the newsletter as well to. And I don't think he has his driver's license yet so his father must drive him up from Massachusetts (of course, Patrick doesn't just sit around but volunteers just as much time.

Stewart Rhine replied:
Dave, I agree.  It's great to see the young guys like Brian Murphy and Joe Fox  involved at the railroad.  It says that the WW&F is a growing and enjoyable museum - it's the place for railfans and historians to be.  It also says that Brian and Joe have good examples in Patrick and Mike.

Wayne Laepple replied:
Let me add from a purely professional perspective that Brian Murphy's writing in the most recent newsletter would stand up quite well against that produced by professional reporters. He says what he needs to say with an economy of words, yet at the same time brings the reader into his narrative so that we can see and hear and feel the same things he does. I might also add that my observations of Brian's work as a trainman indicate that he is very safety conscious and careful while maintaining a professional and courteous demeanor toward visitors and passengers. Kudos to him!
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