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Ed Lecuyer:

--- Quote ---Is the old forum going away?
--- End quote ---

Well, as you may recall the reason why we switched to the new forum was because the free service that was hosting it was down for several days. This caused us all to go into WW&F withdrawal. The old forum could (theoretically) disappear at any time.

--- Quote ---I would have rather left the old forum where it was.
--- End quote ---

James and I had talked about converting the old forum over several months ago. I just never got enough time to do it. However, if the consensus is not to convert the postings, I'll be happy to stop (and delete the ones I've converted.)

Mike Fox:
Actually, the only concern I have now that I've gone through them, is the new postings are now burried in the back behind all the postings from the old forum.

Ed Lecuyer:
It only took over a year and a half...

But an email inquiry regarding an old thread prompted me to finish the conversion process of adding the data from the pre-2008 discussion forum. Part of this process basically had me re-reading each threads. Some memorable ones include:
- Many pictures of early construction of the railroad (Thanks Stewart!)
- The thread describing Clarissa's final railroad trip on this side of life; and her passing.
- At least one post from the now deceased Vic Hamburger.
- Construction of the WHR, and planning for Patten Travel's trip.
- Blueprints for the never-built WW&F hopper.
- Recognition of the WW&F at a national gathering of railway museums.
and many others.

And this was just in the batch of 100 or so posts I converted tonight. Anyone wanting a sense of what we've accomplished in the last few years should not be afraid to peruse the (now complete) Archives of this forum.


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