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Ed Lecuyer:
Hi everyone,

It's been long on my "to-do" list to convert the postings from the old (pre-July) WW&F discussion forum to our new board. I have completed this task so that members can search previous discussion topics for items of interest. It also places the archives of our discussions all in one place.

I decided to make each topic in the old forum a single posting in the new forum, rather than try to recreate individual posts.

I converted a dozen or so random topics this evening. I'll try to do the rest tomorrow.

Matthew Gustafson:
Holy Smokes! :o :o Looks like I missed alot of new topics when I was asleep!  :) ;) :D

Ed Lecuyer:
I just posted a pile more. It's not as easy as I would like to post the converted topics, so I will probably stagger their release over the next few days. There are over 600 posts to be converted. I'm not even half done, yet.

Please be careful when replying to these posts. Some are 2-3 years old and contain outdated information. They also chronicle some of the great progress we've made over the last few years.

Stephen Hussar:
Is the old forum going away? 

Mike Fox:
I would have rather left the old forum where it was.


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