Author Topic: 60+ Pg. Photobook of 60cm PerusPirapora Cement RR is ready for shipment  (Read 3134 times)

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Dear Gentlemen, and Ladies if there are any out there in the hobby...

For the last 2 years I have been collecting photographs and preparing a photobook about the Perus Pirapora railroad. I have since had 6 improvement issues with adding more information as I acquire it. Generally it was started as a visual inventory about the some 34 locomotives that the railroad had or has.  Recently I added a few pages about the cars too. Yesterday I just received another 5 copies. Since they are printed via a online photo service I can order 1 or a 100 at the same price, not cheap but about €22 a piece about €4 shipping to US in bubble mailer.

Through the online service it was also available to put a 3D Photobook preview online at my Face Book account

I'd be please to ship "narrow minded Friends" copies at the cost payable by paypal or "in kind" horse trading for other book and info. I'd also like to donate copies to any library like collections of the WW&F or Maine 2fter Museums if the collections are viewable for their members or visitors.

Not only are they some interesting equipment in Brazil but much more original Baldwin, ALCO and Porter 2fters existing than in the US. Unfortunately, after an extremely active phase as I was there from 2007-2010 the group has lost momentum and there is no noticeable progress and very limited operation. But this is not the first time, that the volunteers have been driven away through internal discourse. The equipment survives and will live to see another day when the resources finally arrive to recreate a class operation and museum. Remember Brazil is not really a 3rd world but they still have alot of problems and poverty and don't have the traditions of clubs or groups of people coming together for a common case like a museum or restoration of anything.

I hope to keep the railroad alive in the minds and hopefully we foreigners can show interest so that the Brazilians release what a treasure trove of narrow gauge technological history. I am also working of making models of several of the engines in 7/8's scale to also play with and publish. But as working & family life is moving very slowly due to lack of time.

Looking forward to corresponding with anyone interested in these sweet engines.

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