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Mike Fox:
Anyone interested in keeping up with the goings on for this line, I have found the latest story on it.

Paul Wiggin:
   Wouldn't it be awesome if the Conway Scenic could work with them as they already go to Redstone,N.H. occasionally. A ride from Portland through Crawford Notch would be a nice all day ride.        Paul

Josh Botting:
The story was covered on the Channel 6 Morning News heavily yesterday.  They were focusing on the frieght asspect of the rail line, and the reduction in truck traffice it would bring.

With all this press, hopefully something good will come from it.

Mike Fox:
Here is a link to the Channel 6 story. Also includes a video clip.

Joe Fox:
It would be nice to see at least passenger trains return to Fryeburg once again.

A few people at work (Conway Scenic Railroad) would also love to see a Conway Scenic train run to Fryeburg and transport people back and forth to North Conway.



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