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New Whistle for #11
« on: April 01, 2015, 01:13:48 AM »
After the work that has gone into replicating #9's old whistle, I started doing some research into what whistle #7 wore in it's later years of service at the railway. It was hard to exactly pin down. but the real giveaway was appearance of #7 after the enginehouse fire. Nearly all of the wooden cab was burned away, and the whistle is conspicuously absent. This leads to the only possible conclusion that #7's whistle was in fact made of wood. While this choice may seem unconventional, I appreciate the museum's dedication to maintaining historical accuracy with all of our efforts. Thus, I am pleased to announce the conclusion of our research and development, and present #11's whistle!

Replicas will be made available in the gift shop to meet popular demand.
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