Author Topic: Did the Moderator mess up the appearance of the board?  (Read 4584 times)

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Did the Moderator mess up the appearance of the board?
« on: December 13, 2008, 12:06:33 AM »
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James Patten wrote:
Friday night I decided to see if I could get the board to look differently than it does, so I made a few changes and put them out there.  Even after reloading I saw no changes, so I left them in in case others could see them.

Today I was told by two people that the board was now messed up and they were unable to read it.  So I have put it back as it was.

Please forgive me my indescretion.  Next time I'll play around with my own settings before messing everybody else up.

Stewart Rhine replied:
James, I was wondering what happened because everything, icons, boxes, etc were very narrow.  Hey that works for a railroad but not my screen.   


John McNamara replied:
For me, only the advertisements worked. 

Otherwise, there were some symbols on the far left and some on the far right, but no text at all. Other than the aforementioned ads, there were no areas I could click successfully.

Thanks for restoring it.

tomc replied:
I thought the server died as I couldn't log in.  Keep you fingers off the keyboard please!!!!!!

Dave Buczkowski replied:
I checked in over the weekend from Gail's laptop and saw the same screen as John. I just thought it was either my router or Gail's computer. I was too tired from raking to try and fix it. Now I'm glad I didn't try. Thanks for the information.

Bill Sample replied:
Losing access to the forum made me realize how addicted I have become!  Had to have a couple of glasses of Moxie to calm down.
Then I checked with the Severn Valley Railway forum, also by phpbb, just to see if it was a host(?) problem, but the SVR appeared normal.
James, I know you were just trying to make a good thing better.  Thanks again for all the time and effort you put into this.
Ed Lecuyer
Moderator, WW&F Forum