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Kennebec Central locomotives

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Stewart "Start" Rhine:
Hi John,

FYI - The museum gift shop does mail orders so you could get the book in time for Christmas. 

Mike Fox:
I seem to remember something about them coming across the bridge from Gardiner. Perhaps I am mistaken, but thought I read that someplace...If this is correct, they would have been delivered by Maine Central, Farmington, Me. to Gardiner, Me. routing. I will look that up when I get a sec. Going to set my books out so I can look tonight.

James Patten:
I think that they were too heavy for the bridge over the Kennebec in Gardiner.

Mike Fox:
Yes. That was a weak Wooden Bridge at the time. But I found the answer. The equipment was hauled across the Kennebec River on Ferries or ice in the winter, so it arrived in Gardiner.(Page 13 & 14, Two Feet to Togus). This is how it was done originally, can only assume that is how it was done for the Locomotives 3 & 4

Bernie Perch:
Back to our "Two Feet to Togus" Bible Page 57 "(#3) The B&SR locomotive was brought across the Kennebec River from Gardiner to Randolph by barge on September 3, 1920."  Page 64: (#4) According to Ken Cain.........this engine was shipped to Augusta, where it was then taken over the electric railway to Togus.  At that point it was winched onto Kennebec Central rails over temporary trackage.  In the process, one of the cylinders was cracked, and T.W. Dick of Randolph was hired to make the necessary repairs.



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